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The Story

Since the inception of the early church, Christian art has played a prominent role in bringing the written Word to life in visual form. Ancient sacred images and icons engaged people in pondering the mystery of Christ and conveyed a sense of the holiness of God.

Using ancient Byzantine icons as a reference, the artist combines early Christian imagery, symbolism, Scripture, paint, brush and palette to encompass the deep spiritual and emotional longings that we most want to express. These images are not copies of Byzantine icons. They are contemporary interpretations of traditional Byzantine precepts. The images retain the essence of icons and they are relevant and meaningful for today.

The deep, silent gaze, positioning of the face and placement of the hands in each sacred image, uniquely conveys the attributes of love, grace, truth, faith, gratitude, peace, compassion, protection, trust, promise, charity, patience, contentment, humility, forgiveness, courage, hope and the triumph of light over darkness. This makes them personal and profoundly compelling. The faces are contemplative in their design and the hands often carry a natural object as a metaphor for human or spiritual virtues (a lantern for guidance, a lily for hope, a chalice for an offering, a bird for promise, an open hand for gratitude etc.)

The artist has left the interpretation of each image open, allowing the viewer to form his or her own meanings. The result is the creation of a series of deeply personal, intimate, images connecting us with the qualities that help us feel, heal and be inspired.