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The Artist

Dianne Minnaar has been a professional artist and calligrapher for over 30 years. She graduated in Biblical Studies and Graphic Fine Art in Cape Town, South Africa and immigrated to Australia in 2001.

While the emphasis of her earlier work was on landscape paintings, she has focused almost exclusively on creating sacred images in recent years. She draws heavily on ancient Christian imagery and symbols. These are interpreted in a contemporary context, whilst retaining the essence and key principles of traditional forms.

Dianne has attended a number of icon workshops, the most recent being under the guidance of Russian iconographer, Philip Daveydov from Sacred Murals Studio, St Petersburg.

As a migrant, Dianne is conscious of duality. The composition of her works is influenced by this awareness of difference, the constant interaction of two worlds: the past — the future, things lost — things found, the old — the new, the familiar — the unfamiliar, the visible — the invisible.

Her studio is a place of stillness where she works in uninterrupted hours of research and creativity. From the very first line to the final brush stroke on the most intricate detail, each sacred image is formed through layers of vivid translucent glazes and contemplative prayer.